Visual artists

In order of appearance.


Vj Kiki Die künstliche Intelligenz VJ KIKI generiert Visuals, welche bewertet werden können. Dazu kann über ein Interface Feedback eingegeben werden, um die Visuals zu beeinflussen.

VJ KIKI ist eine Installation des Künstlers R:A:U:L: und sie hatte ihre Premiere auf dem rC3.

Sie visualisierte auf dem c-base Mainhall Kanal unzählige Stunden Musik.

Rosa Beams

Rosa Beams Founding member of MFE HGW.


VJ Cyper

Vj Cyper “ ... it's never gives enough hardware for performance! ...” (sic!)
Cyper is to be understood as an intermedia video and light artist whose passion is to tie together analogous and digital technology in masses with each other.



Vj Mk Ultra I’m a Berlin based artist who has worked in multimedia and video art for the last 20 years.

I have shown work in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), xm:lab and the KuustlerHaus in Germany, the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, Fête de la Lumière in France, and the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico City.

As a VJ and live visuals engineer I've worked with performers such as Major Lazer, Meat Beat Manifesto, the Orb, Infected Mushroom, Excision, Wet Mango, Trash 80, Dan Wilcox, MegaRan, and Grammatik.

Right now I’m an artist-in-residence at the Berlin Art Institute.




Duli Duli

Vj Duli Duli Visual artist Duli Duli aka. Art by Andersen is a Copenhagen based multifaceted motion designer. "I am guiding a flock of monochrome pixels though an venturi, out into a cascade of colours and back to the starting point". Duli duli orchestra and produce all content on his own and a big chunk of the visual creations is happening live during shows.



Swen Seyerlen aka VJ R:A:U:L: is working as a VJ since the beginning of this millenium.
His VJ skills are well known as he works deeply onbeat, developing his own tools, styles and definitions.

The creator of the KIVJ named VJ KIKI ;)


Mr. Galonga

Berlin-based Dubtechno and Ambient project that constructs swinging, detail-oriented sound masses and reflects many colours of electronic music. In addition to music, the head of the MinMon Kollektiv, a group of people with the goal to support cultural exchange on many levels.



Freelance graphic-designer and visualist and part-time politician.



Vj akusto optik The art of visualization creates an atmosphere in which music and effects blend into an audio-visual cumulative act.
In order to achieve this akustoOptik uses different elements of visual presentation.



Vj Machinka Digital media artist based in Amsterdam.
Founded Studio de Maan together with Anne Gentenaar, making video and animations, creating vj shows & mapping performances.

We are Martin Boverhof and Anne Gentenaar. We have been working together at Studio de Maan since 2015. Towards the end of the ‘90s, we started our creative and cultural journey of discovery through Music, Beamers, Cameras, Video Effects and Digital Media. This means we are at the very roots of VJ art and Projection Design. Since then, we have turned our studio into a company helping creative types, companies, organisations and governments turn their words or story into a visual experience.